Elie Khoury

Elie Khoury is an entertainment manager originally from Lebanon. He began is career in the management industry as a stage manager for Layali Dubai TV in 2000. For the next two years, Elie was involved in huge events that include the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Muscat Festival. After completing the Dubai Shopping Festival in 2002, Elie expanded his horizons and became a Television Manager for Music+ Television in 2003. He held that position for 7 years until moving on to new endeavors.

In 2010, Elie began doing freelance work and began planning and creating concerts and corporate events. It is this line of work that is the biggest passion for Elie. It was always his dream to build his own company and be successful and Elie has done so with EK Productions.

Through his 14 years in the industry, Elie has worked with stars and entertainment personalities of all ages and has had the opportunity to create events on 4 different continents.

In addition to his event planning, Elie has produced multiple albums and music videos for artists of all genres. It is through his determination and hard work that Elie has been able to transform his dreams into a reality.